Cockroach and Spider Treatment in Bundaberg


Pest treatment for Cockroaches & German Cockroaches

Cockroaches are an unwanted pest that can be very difficult to effectively treat without professional assistance. Wide Bay-Burnett Pest Management use top-quality sprays and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that your cockroach pest problem is treated effectively the first time, every time.

Cockroaches can make their home in even the cleanest of houses, so finding them in your home is not a cause for alarm, but like most things, a cockroach problem is better addressed as soon as possible. This will mean that we can stop the problem sooner and have you back to your normal, pest-free life sooner.

What to do before your cockroach pest treatment

When you notice cockroaches in your home, we recommend that you call us to arrange a pest spray as soon as possible. We can provide a competitive quote over the phone with just a few simple questions, and arrange a time to visit your home for your cockroach treatment at your convenience.


In many cases you will not have to do anything special to prepare for your cockroach pest spray treatment, however if you have noticed cockroaches or their droppings in your drawers or cupboards we may require you to remove everything from these spaces so we can spray. Not sure? Ask us when you call.


It is best if you are not home during the spray, but if you would like to be present, than this is also completely fine.

Cockroach pest extermination in Gin Gin, Bundaberg, Childers and Woodgate

We service the greater Bundaberg area, as well as Gin Gin, Childers and Woodgate. Our aim is to provide prompt, convenient service to all of our customers for minimal disruption to their day.Ask about our great value General Spray – perfect for homes. Our General Spray protects against cockroaches, spiders and silverfish.


Spider treatment for your home

Are you experiencing a problem of spiders in and around your family home?


Because they can be a danger to the welfare of your family, it is so important to choose a company experienced in spider pest control. Wide Bay-Burnett Pest Management not only know spiders, but with more than 25 years’ local experience, we know how to treat spiders in our climate and costal position. We take pride in staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and products in the market to ensure that we are providing our customers with the best possible pest treatment.

What to do when you have spiders in your home

When you find spiders in your home, Wide Bay-Burnett Pest Management should be your first call. We will talk to you about the type and location of the spiders, and with a few quick questions about your home, give you an accurate quote to treat the spider problem. Our standard spider spray will also treat your home for cockroaches and silverfish!


During your spray it is best if you, your children and your pets are not home, however if you prefer to be there, just let us know.


Wide Bay-Burnett Pest Management is the number one choice of families for pest control in Gin Gin, Childers, Bundaberg and Woodgate – discover why! Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we take pride in treating our customers’ needs quickly, effectively and for a great price.


Ask about our great value General Spray – perfect for homes. Our General Spray protects against cockroaches, spiders and silverfish.

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