Ant and Silverfish Treatment in Bundaberg

Ant Problems?

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Ants can be stubborn and difficult to rid from your home without professional help. Wide Bay-Burnett Pest Management is your local ant-control specialist. When it comes to treating ants, experience counts. We have been treating ants for more than 25 years and use top-quality products and methods to complete your treatment.

Interior and Exterior Treatments Available

Wide Bay-Burnett Pest Management offers interior and exterior ant treatments for residential properties. Once you identify the location of your ant issue, let us know. We can tailor a treatment plan for your situation and arrange a time to complete your spray at your convenience.

Preparing for Your Pest Ant Spray

Before we arrive to treat your ant infestation, we ask that you mow your lawns. Empty all of the clippings into a sealed plastic bag and place this in your wheelie bin. By having your lawns short, we will be able to effectively treat your ants. This is best done on the day of your ant treatment before your technician arrives.


Wide Bay-Burnett Pest Management Silverfish Pest Treatment

While harmless to humans, silverfish are definitely an unwelcome guest in your home. They are notorious for biting small holes through books, papers, clothing, food and even wallpaper.


Wide Bay-Burnett Pest Management will treat the presence of silverfish in your home with a simple spray treatment. This is a simple treatment for silverfish in your home that is safe for your family and pets.

Areas We Serve

We serve the Bundaberg, Gin Gin, Childers and Woodgate areas. We provide prompt, well-priced service to all of our customers.

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Ask About Our Value Spray

Ask about our great value General Spray that is perfect for homes. Our General Spray protects against cockroaches, spiders and silverfish.

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